My mom, Jeanette Ansell, is a Thirty-One representative. She's decided to be a good cookie and donate $15 from every zip-top organizing utility tote purchased. There are soooo many ways to use this bag! What will you use yours for? Mine will be for organizing my daughter's homeschool curriculum! It's also great for a diaper bag, in car organizer, nursing bag, school bag, first aid kit, and just about anything else you can think of!

The first Thirty-One order for Be a Good Cookie Fundraiser will win a Littles Carry-All Pedi Delights Prize. Call your order in today. Jeanette, 909-534-8261 

I'm sooo excited that there has been such an outreach to help! 

P.S. Thanks momma!
First order wins this Littles Carry All Mani Pedi kit! We have three in our house. Two hold our hair products and accessories, and one that my daughter uses as her doctor bag!



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