Oh my goodness! With Valentine's Day and the holiday weekend this event creeped up on me. Yesterday Sugar Me That confirmed a donation of 3 dozen cookies, and I know they are going to be awesome! She does the best work! Thank goodness for Facebook or I probably wouldn't have found her! There are a possible 2 dozen cookies coming from a new bakery in Yucaipa too! I'm so excited to have the extra help!

Today I will be baking my heart out and packaging the raffle prizes!!! I'm really hoping this year is as big of a hit as last year :) Last year it was all rainy and cold, so this year the weather is perfect please come out and support us!

You can find us Friday 2/21 and Saturday 2/22 from 11a-3p at Kissui Baby & Children. If I get a lot of people requesting we set up Sunday as well I will, but as of now it is just Friday and Saturday.

Kissui Baby & Children is located at 5 E Citrus Avenue Suite 102, Redlands, California 92373



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