Oh my goodness! With Valentine's Day and the holiday weekend this event creeped up on me. Yesterday Sugar Me That confirmed a donation of 3 dozen cookies, and I know they are going to be awesome! She does the best work! Thank goodness for Facebook or I probably wouldn't have found her! There are a possible 2 dozen cookies coming from a new bakery in Yucaipa too! I'm so excited to have the extra help!

Today I will be baking my heart out and packaging the raffle prizes!!! I'm really hoping this year is as big of a hit as last year :) Last year it was all rainy and cold, so this year the weather is perfect please come out and support us!

You can find us Friday 2/21 and Saturday 2/22 from 11a-3p at Kissui Baby & Children. If I get a lot of people requesting we set up Sunday as well I will, but as of now it is just Friday and Saturday.

Kissui Baby & Children is located at 5 E Citrus Avenue Suite 102, Redlands, California 92373

This morning I spent some time sending messages to local bakeries trying to get baked goods donated for the bake sale, hopefully there will be some great responses! I've already gotten responses from Sucree (who helped out last year....yummy!) and Cucamonga Cakery Co. If you are or know of any bakers that would like to help out please contact me, Stephanie, at ansell4387@gmail.com!